It’s how you recover that matters

Good grief! What a crazy few hours I have had!

It’s nearly Rabbie Burns night and so often I hear that voice in my head repeat this to me:

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

Robert Burns

Or… no matter how well or keenly you plan your week (enter Sunday Set Up Sessions at Irish Dance Village a helpful little zoom session to prioritise the things in our weeks that are usually the first to go but are always the things we need to keep our sanity) something is always going to derail them; be it a disturbed night’s sleep, a missed bus, no battery in your phone or a last minute intrusion that has to be prioritised… trust me I am there with you!

I guess it started last night with the return of yet two more classes to the timetable… exciting, inspiring, energising and wonderful! SO wonderful in fact that I couldn’t sleep. I was so buzzing with all the achievements from every single dancer that I couldn’t switch off. I was also very tired as it had been a full on invigorating week. Body vs brain; the classic battle! As a result of coming home later than usual I didn’t wind down enough, I didn’t go through my nighttime routine and the little things all started to add up and bring me into a space of frustration. Always with a mindset of ‘you can fix this; just try again’ I aimed to get up at 6.45am to start my morning routine and try again to get back on track. My little one had other ideas and so I was up changing her bed instead. Morning routine gone, late to nursery, add in a rushed dog walk and quick shop and my work timetable has gone. My intention this week of leaving early to get the bus to nursery and walk home with the dog was gone! Gutted!

I cam home and had a cry in the cupboard under the stairs when the hanger broke putting my coat away… it’s these wee things that break us isn’t it?

Anyway… it’s how we recover isn’t it?

So, coffee made and I headed outside to the cold sun and spoke on my Instagram story to you about the mess of a morning but how I am claiming it back by taking a break. stopping. breathing. I opened the Calm App for a beautiful playlist and when I came back inside I did some journalling.

Column 1 I wrote out EVERYTHING that was bugging me…. everything

Column 2 I wrote out why it annoyed me

Column 3 was the solutions that I needed to change things… mostly it was to be change some priorities, communicate with my partner or journal further on the issue and to get some help where I needed it.

I feel so much better but with a little bit more work to do but I can at least feel that I am back on track and ready to try again. I think I recovered today pretty well… don’t you? Let’s see how this afternoon goes!

x x x

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