Six Week Irish Dancer

Our amazing courses will leave you feeling powerful, energised and full of feelings of accomplishment as you work your way through six weeks of wonderful lessons. With intimate groups meeting on a weekly basis you will find like minded people ready to enjoy learning something new with you.

Start from the beginning or jump in to the level that suits you. Unsure? Get in touch today and we will be happy to answer any questions.
On these dark and restricted nights why not fill them with positivity, fun and joy as you discover a new way to get fit; challenging your body and your mind.

The Irish Dance Village is all about ‘heart filled’. When we operate from a place of a full heart then we invite the best version of our selves to every day. This is not only a desirable place for you but everyone else in your life too. Join our community today and put you first.

Book Now: Next course starts on Wednesday 17th March 2021. Get in touch to claim your space.

Next course starts on Thursday 25th March. Get in touch to book your slot now.

Weekly Class

This is a six week course with a scheduled weekly zoom class to help you feel connected with the other dancers on the course but also a point in the week just for you!
The class is recorded and edited before posting in the members portal.
Each week you will be able to view the class in your own time either to catch up or to use for additional practise.


This course is so much more than just a dance class, it is a chance to grow, reflect and feel inspired.
To help you with this you will get a well being prompt in each class to help you to reflect on your weekly progress. Over the weeks you can build up a picture of your journey to see how much you’ve grown and how wonderful you are.


Included in the price of this course is a free 30 minute 1:1 zoom session with me so we can work on anything you need a bit more help with.
I want to help you feel strong, to achieve and to have fun.
I’ve found that sometimes not quite getting something can be frustrating so a 1:1 can help smooth out any areas you feel could be holding you back and then nothing can stop you!

Know you are an amazing human being, capable of so much and I want to help you in any way I can. I know you will have fun doing this course, you will meet amazing people, you will have a massive sense of achievement, you will get fit and hopefully find something new to fill your heart.

As we say in the village… find what fills your heart and do more of that.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!


Level Up!

Once you’ve completed this course you can then opt to level up to the next course. Get in touch to find out about when the next level of course starts.

Or join in some classes at the Irish Dance Village – our beautiful community full of wonderful people just like you, bringing the best out in each other.

Find out more about the Irish Dance Village here.