Come for the classes; stay for the community

We have many different styles of classes to help you discover and fall in love with Irish dance, build your confidence, get fitter and change your outlook on life.
We explore traditional and modern Irish dance through lively and engaging performance choreography and specially developed fitness classes like Irish barre, Irish HIIT and Yoga.
Connect with like minded people and enjoy filling your heart at every class.

Performance Classes
In this class you will experience Irish dance through technical drills, fun choreography and the occasional team dance. The aim is to build each dancer up to perform the choreography at either the St Patrick’s Day show or other events throughout the year.
The style of choreography can be anything from lyrical, storytelling, soft shoe or hard shoe.

Irish Barre – online release
This class will tone and strengthen your muscles, improve turn out and balance and add some all important armography to your repertoire.
Inspired by the moves of Ballet this 30 minute class will take you through a variety of exercises and stretches. It is the ideal accompaniment to any dancers fitness regime.

Beginner Adults
This class is ideal for returning adults or those completely new to Irish dance. You will master the fundamental foundations of Irish dance through traditional steps and choreography.

Irish HIIT – in person and online release
This fast paced, high energy class will challenge your muscles and your stamina. Over 30minutes you will do a mixture of circuit training exercises and Irish dance drills. Suitable for all levels of dance and fitness as you can adapt to your own level but still have the confidence to push yourself.

Our classes are focussed on fun, building confidence and introducing them to the rhythms and tunes of Irish music and dance. With the opportunity to perform in the annual show we create a safe and encouraging environment for little dancers. We do not do competitions or exams.

Young Adults
As your little dancer grows into a not-so-little-dancer it is important to recognise that the way they are taught also needs to change. This class replicates the adult class structure whilst still maintaining a positive and encouraging environment to build confidence and work on their dance skills.

Inspiration Week

We host two Inspiration Weeks during the year. These weeks offer a variety of workshops designed to bring in outside influences of style, discipline and other life teachings. We have had the stars of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance as well as Pilates teachers, Life Coaches, jazz dancers, ballet-fit instructors and many more to push us and challenge us in so many different ways. These weeks are highly anticipated and are often completely covered in the membership fee where possible.

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