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Well-being One Thing

Each month I will enjoy taking you through something that I have picked and tried to find has really made a difference to my life. I am passionate about taking control of my life, designing and creating a life that I want to live… for me and not being swayed by the assumed opinions and judgements of others. Putting me first before others. It may sound selfish and may not feel natural to begin with but trust me when you are living in your truest and happiest form you will only be a more positive influence in the lives of others.

I got me a Life Coach baby!

How did I arrive at this new balanced place? Well the short story is that I got me a Life Coach baby! I have worked with a few coaches and they have all contributed to my new found place of strength and knowing – who I am and what I want and more importantly how to get there… well most of the time. My good days are amazing and my bad days are what my good days used to be. Awful days are few. It is not a fixed place but a very enjoyable wee toddle along a varied path.

Do yourself a favour and buy some paper bound together in more paper aka a notepad

well-being one thing this month

The main tool that I have adopted that has increased by levels of happiness has been JOURNALING! Please, for Christmas or New Year or even just because… go buy yourself a notepad. It doesn’t need to be a fancy art and design notepad… all you need is paper and a pen.

Now start writing.

Here are some prompts on what to write to get your started:

  • what worked today?
  • what did not go your way today?
  • what emotions came up for you during the day – what started it?
  • what does a 10/10 day look like for you and what steps can you take each day to bring it slowly to a reality?
  • what fills your heart right up and makes a day just level up a notch?
  • what can you do tomorrow that will increase your level of happiness?
  • Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? – also known as the seven why’s… it gets deep fast.
  • does this job / activity / home / group of people align with me?
  • who are my best cheerleaders and how do they align with me?
  • and finally, most importantly your gratitudes – the things you are grateful for

What writing gives you is awareness. Not rumination and self critical awareness but insight. This insight into your thoughts at surface level and then a little deeper and then deeper again helps us identify the root cause of our subconscious ponderings; the things that bother us, increase our stress levels, make us procrastinate and feel the hard feelings. This is where we learn about who we are, what we can and will not put up with and how we want to feel on a daily basis. We take back the power that we so casually give to others when we worry about what they think or might say or do.

So your well-being one thing is to write it out. Take some time, a hot coffee or comforting tea and spend as much time as you can allow yourself to just write it out, get it out. From there you might feel that you want to talk to someone to make some sense of it, to get some guidance and to feel empowered to own your thoughts. Here is where I recommend a Life Coach or therapist as appropriate. You owe it to yourself and your happiness to take back that control and create the life you deserve to live.

Join us for an Introduction to Life Coaching with Leona Young – our Village Life Coach and see how you can make changes in your life. Tuesday 11th January at 7.30pm on Zoom as part of our ‘Welcome Back’ workshop series for 2022. Book your place here

With love and compassion,

Got thoughts? Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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