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Today there is a lot of information about what we should all be doing to live better lives, we are overloaded with well-being tips and ideas from fitness to nutrition, exercise and journaling. The amount of information telling us what we should be doing on a daily basis is overwhelming and let’s face it unrealistic.

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But what if I told you there was another way to approach well-being and you were completely in charge… welcome to your ‘weekly well-being one thing’ where you are invited to try just one thing for just one week to see if it resonates with you or not. Slowly over time you can build up a toolkit of well-being habits that actually work for you and enrich your life.

Your weekly well-being one thing this week is an invitation to explore the founding philosophy of the Irish Dance village.

Our aim at Irish Dance Village is to have heart-filled 10 out of 10 days every day.

I’d like to invite you to think about the things that fill you up, that bring joy, sunny warm glorious feelings, that make your heart swell and instantly puts a smile on your face smile. These are likely to be the big things in life.

The big things in life… my #girlgang

I’d like you to now consider all the small things that make life more beautiful but we maybe don’t notice as easily – wearing my favourite colour, the sun when I open the curtains, the milk arriving on the doorstop, the robin that visits my garden every day, when my bed is made, aroma of coffee filling the house, the tiny footsteps of my child or dog running through the house, the wave from a neighbour, the house plant that is still alive, the new scented candle in the hall, the flowers I bought for myself, knowing that I’m meeting a friend for coffee later, new socks, when my meals are planned for the rest of the week, going for a walk by myself and just breathing, dipping in to read a chapter of an inspirational books, listening to my favourite podcast episode, talking to a treasured friend, ordering a small gift for someone I love… these are all small, simple things but they add up. Some of these are things that are happening and I notice them and some are things I can make happen, I can choose to invite them all in to my day.  

When we take time to notice these smaller things as well as the bigger things then the amount of gratitude we feel in our lives will increase. This is what we mean when we say heart filled. You might want to write these things down on a daily basis this week.

As we know… what we focus on will grow. This feeling of heart filled will get bigger day by day and help you towards a 10/10 day, week, month and year.

Of course you will have bad days and maybe not every day is going to be a solid 10 / 10 day, that’s just not realistic but with this toolkit of heart filled things that you have noticed or can choose to make happen then perhaps you can at least improve your day from a 3/10 to a 5/10. You can choose to improve how you see your day. If you are feeling that you are at the lower end of the scale then ask yourself… how can I improve today, how can I get to a 4 or a 5? What can I choose to notice or make happen to improve today? How can I make it better than it was going to be? With practise this way of thinking becomes a habit, a new way of looking at your world, a new way of choosing to create, design and live each day. Choose the heart-filled option.

And when you operate from a place of heart filled then you are operating as the best version of yourself… the way you are supposed to naturally be. There are no constraints of ‘supposed to’s’ or ‘should be’s’ or ‘have to’s’. You are just being your heart filled beautiful you; rested, nourished and loved. That’s good for our families, our friends, our colleagues, for everyone we interact with on a daily basis but most of all it is good for you.

Aim for a heart-filled 10 / 10 day every day because you absolutely deserve to have this.

You absolutely deserve to have the things that fill your heart up surrounding you constantly every day.  You deserve to live a heart-filled life.

So go and write out everything that fills your heart and plan them in to your days and weeks. Prioritise them. You deserve it.

Take a moment just now to design in your mind your 10 / 10 day, daydream about it, get carried away with possibility.

Now why can’t you have a day like that? Yes reality of life has to be considered but there are ways to bring your 10/10 day to life. So your weekly wellbeing one thing invitation this week is to daydream, design and then create your 10 / 10 days. To invite heart filled elements in to every day and watch as your days, weeks and months become so beautiful you don’t recognise them or yourself. You owe it to yourself to live a heart filled life.

Go design and lead your heart filled life.

With love,
Jenni x

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